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What are substrate (base layer) for Laminated Bag?

February 17, 2008

There are mainly three fabrics for substrate (base layer) of laminated bags.

 Non woven

Non-woven fabric has no latitude and longitude lines, which very convenient for cutting and sewing. It is very popular in packing bags
Instead of interlacing and braiding the yarns one by one, the fibers are bonded directly together by physical methods, nonwoven fabric breaks through the traditional textile principle, and has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production rate, high output, low cost and wide application.

non woven for laminated bag

PP Woven

The woven fabric is made of polypropylene flat yarn. It consists of two sets of parallel yarns (the shape of which is a flat thread). One set is called warp yarn along the longitudinal direction of the loom, and the other set  is called a weft yarn. The warp and weft yarns are interwoven into a cloth shape by different braiding equipment and processes, and can be woven into different thicknesses and compactness according to different use ranges. Generally, the woven geotextile has a relatively strong tensile strength in both thin and vertical directions. Strength (longitude is greater than latitude), with good stability. Maintains full strength and elongation in both wet and dry conditions

woven fabric for laminated bag

Recycled PET (RPET)

It’s made of recycled water bottles,shredded and spun into fabric used for laminated bag s.The material is eco-friendly and with good performance on tensile and tear strength.

RPET for laminated bag

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