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Ultrasonic Non Woven Bag

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Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag

Dây chuyền sản xuất túi PP không dệt siêu âm

Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag/Heat-weld PP Non Woven Bag is taking place of traditional stitching non woven bags due to below advantages. 1.Cheap Cost Ultrasonic non woven bags made by fully automatic machine which requests few workers.Usually one technician and one packing worker are enough for a production line.But for stitched non woven bags,there are lots workers specializing in different

Ultrasonic Shopping Bag with Lamination

Item: Ultrasonic Shopping Bag with Lamination Material :100gsm non woven after lamination Size: 45Wx40Hx15Dcm Pringing:Gravure Packaging 200pcs per carton MOQ: 5000pcs Sample Lead Time: 5-7 days Production lead Time 15-25 days upon sample approval Payment Terms: T/T,L/C This Ultrasonic Shopping bag is processed base on 80 gsm substrate with 20 gsm BOPP lamination,the welded handle and gusset are strong enough

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