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Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag Production Line

June 5, 2019

Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag/Heat-weld PP Non Woven Bag is taking place of traditional stitching non woven bags due to below advantages.

1.Cheap Cost

Ultrasonic non woven bags made by fully automatic machine which requests few workers.Usually one technician and one packing worker are enough for a production line.But for stitched non woven bags,there are lots workers specializing in different processes such as the cutting,imprint,sewing.As a result,the labor cost would go higher accordingly.

2.High Out-put

Stitched bags have a general out-put at 8,000-10,000 pcs per day while for Ultrasonic non woven bags,the number could be 80 pcs per minute.It’s easier and more efficient to work on urgent orders for heat-weld bags.

3.Good Lifting Capacity.

As long as the bags are well sealed during the process, Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bags can be also strong enough to meet your daily need for packing.It can lift 5 -10 kgs usually.


If you are interested in how a Ultrasonic Non Woven Bag is processes,please see the link as below:



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