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80k non woven bag was completed in 30 days ordered from Superior Print Service in US

As direct factory,we established business relation with a new client in US.The president Robert decided to choose us as producer of his non woven bags after visiting our facilities and talking to us. There are totally 80 K pcs bags for cruise with 3 different logos. The non woven bag handle was  sewn all the way from top to bottom …

cora non woven bag

Skypeak Packing wins the project for Cora

We become supplier for Cora Bags with competitive price and excellent service. Cora needs non woven bag every 3 months with 60K pcs per order each time,we finally win the project not only due to the low price,but also the qualified product.The bag can lift stuff over 20 KGS by walking 100m,the wide handle and reinforced cross enable the strength …

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