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Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag

Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag Production Line

Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag/Heat-weld PP Non Woven Bag is taking place of traditional stitching non woven bags due to below advantages. 1.Cheap Cost Ultrasonic non woven bags made by fully automatic machine which requests few workers.Usually one technician and one packing worker are enough for a production line.But for stitched non woven bags,there are lots workers specializing in different …


PP Non Woven Bag and PP Woven Bag lamination process

For Laminated Bags,the full color gravure imprint can show your brand or design perfectly as it’s working base on CMYK processes. PP Non Woven Bag and PP Woven Bag are the most common laminated bag as they’re eco-friendly with reasonable price. We’ve worked out with many supermarkets and chain stores over past 10  years.The quality is always satisfied as we …

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