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    ■ Sturdy Construction
    ■ Decent sewing
    ■ Reinforced Handles

    • Specifications

    Large Canvas Shopping Bag Description

    Item:Large Canvas shopping bag
    Material :10 OZ Cotton Canvas
    Size: 72Wx44Hx17Dcm
    Packaging:5 layer carton
    MOQ:200 pcs
    Sample Lead Time: 5-7 days
    Production lead Time 15-25 days upon sample approval and deposit paid
    Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union


    What is Canvas faric?

    Canvas fabric is a sturdy and durable type of woven fabric that is commonly made from cotton or a blend of cotton and other fibers like linen or polyester. It is known for its strength, durability, and versatility. Canvas fabric typically has a plain weave, meaning the warp and weft threads cross over and under each other in a simple crisscross pattern.

    Canvas fabric comes in different weights or ounce weights, which refers to the weight of a square yard of the fabric. It can range from lightweight canvas, around 7 to 8 ounces, to heavyweight canvas, which can be as thick as 24 ounces or more. The weight of the canvas fabric determines its thickness and level of sturdiness.

    Canvas fabric is widely used for various purposes due to its robustness. It is commonly used for making bags, tents, sails, upholstery, clothing, shoes, and other heavy-duty items. It is also a popular choice for artists, who use canvas fabric as a surface for painting and creating artwork.

    The texture of canvas fabric can vary depending on the specific type and weave. It often has a slightly rough or textured surface, providing a natural and rustic look. Canvas fabric can come in different colors, but it is most commonly seen in natural or neutral tones like beige, khaki, or off-white.

    cotton canvas fabric












    What is Large Canvas Shopping Bag?

    A canvas shopping bag is a type of bag made specifically for carrying groceries, shopping items, or other everyday essentials. It is designed to be reusable and eco-friendly as an alternative to single-use plastic bags.

    Canvas shopping bags are typically made from sturdy canvas fabric, which is known for its durability and strength. They come in various sizes and styles, ranging from small tote bags to larger shoulder bags. The bags often feature reinforced handles or straps to provide comfortable carrying options, and some may also have additional pockets or compartments for organizing items.

    Canvas shopping bags have gained popularity due to their reusability and the environmental benefits they offer. By using a canvas shopping bag instead of disposable plastic bags, individuals can help reduce plastic waste and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Many stores and supermarkets encourage customers to bring their own bags or offer canvas bags as an alternative to plastic bags at checkout.


    What are the thickness of Large Canvas Shopping Bag?

    The thickness of canvas is often measured in terms of “ounce weight.” This measurement refers to the weight of a square yard of fabric. For example, a 10-ounce (OZ) canvas fabric means that a square yard of that fabric weighs 10 ounces.

    In the context of canvas shopping bags, a higher ounce weight generally indicates a thicker and more durable fabric. Bags made from heavier canvas, such as 12 or 16 ounces, tend to be more robust and suitable for carrying heavier loads. On the other hand, lighter canvas, around 10 ounces, mainly used for smaller or more lightweight bags.


    What are the features of Large Canvas Shopping Bag?
    • Large canvas shopping bags often come with several features designed to enhance their functionality and convenience. Here are some common features you may find in a large canvas shopping bag:
    • Size: Large canvas shopping bags are spacious, providing ample room for carrying a significant number of items or larger purchases.
    • Sturdy Construction: They are typically made from heavyweight canvas fabric to ensure durability and withstand the weight of heavy loads.
    • Reinforced Handles: Large canvas bags usually have reinforced handles or straps that are stitched securely to the bag. This helps distribute the weight evenly and provides comfortable carrying options, even when the bag is full.
    • Versatility: Large canvas shopping bags are often multipurpose, meaning they can be used for more than just shopping. They can be utilized for carrying gym clothes, beach essentials, picnic supplies, or as a general-purpose tote bag.
    • Easy to Clean: Many canvas shopping bags are machine washable or can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This makes them convenient to maintain and keeps them looking fresh and clean.
    • Eco-Friendly: Like other canvas bags, large canvas shopping bags are reusable and environmentally friendly. By using them instead of disposable plastic bags, you contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability.

    large canvas shopping bag

    large canvas shopping bag

    large canvas shopping bag

    large canvas shopping bag








    Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
    A1: We are direct manufacturer located in Longgang city,Wenzhou,China,where is famous for packing bag such as non woven bag,pp woven bag,suit bag,cotton bag and etc.

    Q2: How is the quality of your product?
    A2: All the products will be 100% checked before the shipment,and we will be responsible for each bag we manufactured.

    Q3: How long will it take to get a quote from youside?
    A3:We will get you replied within 2 hours during working time.

    Q4: How could I get a sample and how much is it?
    A4: If you want to see ready sample for checking materials and imprint,we will provide free samples but freight would be collected,but if you don’t have a courier account to collect samples,we will charge you in advance and send samples with our shipping forwarder.If you want sample with customized logo and design,we will have to chare you set-up /plates cost according to the bag size and imprint colors.

    Q5: What is the payment term?
    A5: Usually it’s T/T (30% deposit,balance against copy B/L),but we can also accept Paypal,West Union,L/C depend on the amount of your order.




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