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Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag

Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag Production Line

Ultrasonic PP Non Woven Bag/Heat-weld PP Non Woven Bag is taking place of traditional stitching non woven bags due to below advantages. 1.Cheap Cost Ultrasonic non woven bags made by fully automatic machine which requests few workers.Usually one technician and one packing worker are enough for a production line.But for stitched non woven bags,there are lots workers specializing in different


PP Non Woven Bag and PP Woven Bag lamination process

For Laminated Bags,the full color gravure imprint can show your brand or design perfectly as it’s working base on CMYK processes. PP Non Woven Bag and PP Woven Bag are the most common laminated bag as they’re eco-friendly with reasonable price. We’ve worked out with many supermarkets and chain stores over past 10 years.The quality is always satisfied as we


80k non woven bag was completed in 30 days ordered from Superior Print Service in US

As direct factory,we established business relation with a new client in US.The president Robert decided to choose us as producer of his non woven bags after visiting our facilities and talking to us. There are totally 80 K pcs bags for cruise with 3 different logos. The non woven bag handle was sewn all the way from top to bottom

heat-transfer non woven bag

We get 20k Heat-transfer non woven bag from Embassy of Israel in Australia

Skypeak wins a project from Embassy of Israel in Australia on non woven bags. The Senior Policy& Project Advisor Mitchell Barkle sent inquiry to us last week and after talking with him these days,we’re lucky and honored to support the Embassy to make non woven bags. They send us the Logo and size they want,then our colleague designed the artwork


Skypeak newly established relationship with Panta in Italy

We just work out with Panta in Italy for non woven bag projects. Panta placed two 40 ft with totally 170k pcs non woven bag in different styles.There are handled non woven bag,zippered non woven bag and non woven handbag,some in silkscreen and some in offset.All the materials are in 120 gsm and the stitching is strong as we use


How we ensure the accurate sample for Laminated Bag?

The high plates cost for Laminated Bag request the accuracy of the sample.How do we guarantee a right sample? After getting vector artwork from clients,we always make digital proof first marked with the size of the bag and handle,plates will be processed further upon confirmation from clients. Another important point,is the imprint color of the artwork,we need to double check

cora non woven bag

Skypeak Packing wins the project for Cora

We become supplier for Cora Bags with competitive price and excellent service. Cora needs non woven bag every 3 months with 60K pcs per order each time,we finally win the project not only due to the low price,but also the qualified product.The bag can lift stuff over 20 KGS by walking 100m,the wide handle and reinforced cross enable the strength

plates for laminated bag

What’s the set up charge for Laminated Bag?

Laminated bag processed with CMYK imprint and can show your LOGO/Drawing perfectly,they’re widely used for shopping,promotion and grocery,but what’s the set-up charge for laminated bag? The plates cost are base on the color numbers and size of each side in the design,usually it’s $75 per color for front panel and us$52 for side panel,the plates made in the professional factory


What are the types of Laminated Bag?

Matte and Glossy are the two types of laminated bags,mostly clients prefer to the glossy laminated bag as it looks shine and improves the impression for the logo or brand on the bag,but the shortcoming is that the crinkles are easily generated and shown during sewing when the workers do the piping process,for Ultrasonic /heat weld laminated bag,glossy lamination has

non woven for laminated bag

What are substrate (base layer) for Laminated Bag?

There are mainly three fabrics for substrate (base layer) of laminated bags. Non woven Non-woven fabric has no latitude and longitude lines, which very convenient for cutting and sewing. It is very popular in packing bags Instead of interlacing and braiding the yarns one by one, the fibers are bonded directly together by physical methods, nonwoven fabric breaks through the

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